My Top 6 Favorite Characters

There are many likable characters out there. Characters that are elite warriors, have good arcs, and are fun to follow. What I want to talk about today is the best of the best. Characters that clearly stand out from the crowd in terms of character development and how emotionally attached I got to them. Characters that are epic, yet relatable. These are the characters I want to share with you.

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Why You Should Watch The Peaky Blinders

There are times where I just want to talk about my favorite things, whether they be books or something else. I was having a conversation with a friend that is currently going through this series and it reminded me how incredible it is. So I figured I would make a post about it and tell you why this is one of my favorite shows ever.

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My Top 10 Favorite Single Books of All Time

Illustrated by DanilLovesFood
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