Welcome to FanFiAddict!

My name is David Walters and I am a book reviewer/blogger from Alabama. I am an avid reader and love pretty much all genres with the exception being romance. I typically focus more on fantasy, science fiction, horror, and thrillers when it comes to blogging.

When I’m not reading, I am balancing two full-time jobs and attempting to spend as much time as I can with my wife, 3 dogs, and 1 cat. I also enjoy spending time at the lake, traveling, and photography.

You can find me on Twitter @DWalters29, Instagram at fanfiaddict, or via email at fanfiaddict@gmail.com.


Yo! My name is Griffin, I’m a 26 year old book-lover from the wonderful state of Alabama. When I’m not working as a digital marketer, I’m usually hanging out with my beautiful wife or playing board games with friends, Or READING, of course.

I haven’t always been an avid reader. I read a ton in primary school (Accelerated Reader was my jam; those Brian Jacques books were worth sooo many points!) In high school, I read sparingly and in college, I drifted away from reading for various reasons, namely the time-consuming nature of the degree I was pursuing.

In my professional life, my reading addiction was born anew. I found audiobooks as a great way to entertain myself on my commute. Probably a hundred or so books later I find myself reviewing books (and even writing a little bit) for fun. You can find my reviews here on FanFiAddict.

Reading is an absolute pleasure for me. I love stories that make me ask questions, sometimes of myself. I love getting connected to great characters that remind me of people I know in real life, and other great characters that are like no one I’ve ever met before (looking at you, Jorg). I like reading dark existential crisis stuff like Cormac McCarthy, and I like reading rad and fun stuff like Kings of the Wyld.

If you want to talk about reviews, discuss favorite characters, or just about anything else, just friend me on Goodreads or drop me a line on the blog!