Book Excerpt: The Gates of Golorath (Chaos of Souls #1) by R. M. Garino

Today on FanFiAddict, I am happy to have indie author R. M. Garino stop by with an excerpt from his fantasy book The Gates of Golorath (Chaos of Souls #1)

The Gates of Golorath (Chaos of Souls # 1)

30 days until the Feast of Night.  

30 days until the bloodthirsty shrulks devour the land. 

30 days until he sees her again … 

What would you do if part of your soul were torn away?

There are consequences for all actions. A faction of angels spurned the will of Heaven, and they were destroyed. Their souls were split into millions of insignificant fragments the moment they crossed over into creation. Their spirits mixed with physical matter and they were reborn. No longer were they Aesari. They are now the Lethen’al, the fallen.

The Lo’ademn are a faction of angels that seek out their brethren, the Lethen’al. By the grace of the Creator, they still retain their angelic abilities and have not been shattered. Now trapped for millennia, they are determined to destroy the Lethen’al and bring their soul fragments back to Heaven. 

In their way stand the Blademasters of the Areth’kon, and the magic of the Magi. 

A divine prophecy unites two children of these lines. They were ripped apart to keep that secret safe, but secrets never stay hidden. 

Their names are Angus and Arielle, and they live behind the Gates of Golorath, a portal that separates the human realm from their own. Angus and Arielle are reunited when their squads come together for training at the Gates. As these two heroes are drawn closer, their true souls are exposed, and a prophecy is revealed. 

This revelation creates chaos amongst the Lethen’al, reshaping their destiny and hopes. 

Can their people really return home, or are they doomed to replay history in a never ending cycle? 
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