Guest Post: Author D. Ellis Overttun

I am mixing it up, today, giving Author D. Ellis Overttun my spot on the blog to promote his new book Prophecy: Eve of Darkness (Terra Nova Book 3).

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A prophecy can be a divine message, the interpretation of a divine message or a glimpse of the future. While a receipt of information may not always be clear, it can often provide some transparency. The future, on the other hand, is by its very nature confusing, murky and uncertain. It implies something hidden. That is the mood that this image conjures with hooded robes clothing a featureless, incorporeal being against the outlines of a ghostly body suggested by the background. 
We cannot see the focal point of the cover. Yet, it exists. It is a feeling that we are being watched by unseen eyes following us from a faceless, unknowable figure. It creates a sense of foreboding that is the one of the themes of our story. That dread premonition is clearly expressed by the word “Darkness” in the title as it appears to be shallowed by the negative mirror image of the background.
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