Review: Hidden (Alex Verus #5) by Benedict Jacka

Rating 7/10


Alex Verus is a diviner who can see probable futures – a talent that’s gotten him and his friends out of many a tough scrape. But what happens when someone doesn’t want Alex’s help?

Alex’s friend, the life mage Anne, distanced herself from him when she found out about his past as a Dark apprentice. Now she’s in serious trouble, but wants nothing to do with him. Alex has to start wondering if Anne’s problem is really with him – or if there’s a secret she’s trying to hide.

On top of that, rumours are swirling around London that Alex’s former master may be back in town. Alex has no idea what his agenda may be, or who it involves…


If you have already read the first 4 books in this series you know that although we have had interesting characters up until this point, we haven’t had many answers as to why they are the way they are other than hints at pasts that were not the greatest. Hidden’s biggest strength was its character development, specifically for Alex and Anne. I found learning more about them and the deepening of their relationship fascinating and very well done.

I was actually rather annoyed at first at both Anne and Saunder’s attitude towards Alex after the events of book 4, Chosen. I really felt they were being unreasonable and unfair and was quite annoyed with them. Without going into spoilers, some of my issues with that were resolved through the events of this story.

Jacka continued to tell an entertaining, easy to read story. However, there were some recycled plot points of which I was not a big fan. Namely the part of the story that revolved around Anne. However, there were enough things that were different and some cool worldbuilding along the way that helped keep my interest.

There were some really cool plot developments that continue to hint at something huge that will be happening in the near future and I am super excited about that. I love the serial format of this series, but having an overarching plot like that really increases the stakes and keeps me even more intrigued as to what will happen and how everything will turn out in the end. Also, there is now an animal companion which is always a win for me!

I really enjoy this series. I do have to say that this one was probably my least favorite of the series, but given that I gave it a 7/10 that is not a bad thing at all. Hidden felt like a bridge book between the first 4 books and where the rest of the series is preparing to go. I am so excited about the rest of this series and what Jacka has in store for Alex, Luna, and friends.

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