Blog Challenge: I’m a Sucker For…

Riyria Graphic Novel Art by Max Raynor (Peskykid) on DeviantArt

I was tagged by Cassidee to take part in this fun challenge originally created by Alex from . To take part, you have to write a short blog post about an element, trope, or device that you are most drawn to while reading. Tag five people and hope that they participate to keep the fun going without any pressure!

Ugh I am never good at picking just one thing but here’s mine:

I’m a Sucker for…

A solid Bromance/Sisterhood

Although it is usually in the form of a duo, my love for this trope encompasses even trios or quartets, I’m not picky in that regard. I think most of us love a good platonic relationship among characters and, when done well, they can move us even way more than any standard romance would. Then again, my disinterest for most romantic plots/subplots is notorious among those who know me, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

There is just something that feels so much deeper to a connection among people that choose each other again and again over anything/anyone else, but without the added dimension of a sexual relationship. Maybe I’m making this more convoluted that it needs to be, but my point is that in most mainstream romances out there, if you take away the sexual element, the relationship turns stale and shallow. Whereas with well written platonic bonds this is not a thing that risks happening. There is chemistry, and the ease of just being able to be true to themselves around the other, and you feel like an onlooker into something safe and secure in its strength. You get to revel in the characters raising each other up, knowing the other’s moves/thoughts before they make them and put themselves in danger on their own, and regardless of the dynamic among them – two separate halves of one whole idiot/ one cinnamon roll and one looks like they would kill you at any moment/ naïve vs world weary, etc. – it just works so well, and they are in sync. Plus, if the bond started off rocky it is just like the cherry on top really, it makes the whole deal feel genuine and adds to the authenticity, it is also just that much more satisfying to me seeing characters that initially resent/misunderstand each other but through plot or what not have to resolve their differences and learn that actually this person is perhaps the closest there is to a soulmate. Please just give me more platonic soulmates, I don’t ask for much…

While I definitely *love* seeing such bonds being newly made over the course of a story, such as in Sullivan’s Riyria Chronicles (Hadrian & Royce), Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive (Kaladin & Adolin), or Islington’s Licanius Trilogy (Wirr, Davian & Caeden), I do enjoy long established bonds even more! Seeing these characters interact like a well-oiled machine and anticipating each other’s comments or quips especially, amuses me to no end, and when it comes to action sequences, it makes for some truly epic scenes! Notable examples would be De Castell’s Greatcoats trio of Falcio, Kest, and Brasti, Sullivan’s Royce and Hadrian duo in Riyria Revelations, and Lynch’s The Gentlemen Bastards. Sullivan’s books honestly feel like such a special treat in that I get to revel in both version of this trope, so I couldn’t not mention it twice heh. And this is only to name a few because really all of my favorite series have such releationships at their core!

What about you dear reader? Do you enjoy a good bromance like me? Do you hate it? If the answer to the second is yes, are you ok?  I jest of course, we all love different things! So as always, drop me a line here or over on twitter to say whether there are any other bromances/sisterhoods I should be aware of, for I am always in search for more, and thank you for coming along to this fun little challenge!

Until next time,

Eleni A.E.

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