Review: The Dragon Path by Ethan Young

Rating: 8.25/10


Prince Sing, heir to the Wong Clan, is eager for adventure. On a journey to seek a better life in the Old Land, the Wong Clan must travel through the treacherous DRAGON PATH, ruled by the Dragon Tribe. In a fierce battle, Prince Sing is separated from his family. Now it’s up to the young prince to save his clan from their sworn enemies – and a wicked traitor hiding in plain sight.


Thanks to the publisher and author for an advance reading copy of The Dragon Path for review consideration. This did not influence my thoughts or opinions.

The Dragon Path is a artistically beautiful, thoroughly engaging graphic novel that is sure to excite fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet.

I’m starting to become a sucker for Scholastic’s Graphix line. While middle-grade fiction isn’t necessarily my forte, the little kid inside who used to watch Saturday morning cartoons and Dragon Ball Z re-runs jumps for joy every time I have a chance to read a new piece of fantasy literature from them.

While there is opportunity to flesh the story out a tad more, this was a very enjoyable coming-of-age hero story mixed with ancient prophecy, family dynasties, and exploring one’s past to make for a better future. Plus, ANIMAL COMPANION. How can you go wrong?

Seriously, giant cat with a horn that shoots energy blasts. What more could you want?

Young’s story has plenty of twists to keep the reader engaged, and while this story can seem familiar with some of the usual suspect tropes, the artwork and the reveals will prove a breath of fresh air. I especially enjoyed how certain character movements were put into a slow-motion form, giving you each count during fights; rather than just simply having a first and last step for each strike. It is something I don’t see very often but is just an added bonus for a graphic novel.

I hope this is only the start of something bigger, but if it is simply a standalone, the story is wrapped up with a bow by the time you turn the last page.

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