Review: Episodes 1-5 of WandaVision (Spoiler Free)

Rating: 9/10

Review (Spoiler Free)

This is a spoiler-free review of the first 5 episodes. 

When you first watch WandaVision, you know instantly you’re in for a special show; especially when considered as part of the MCU. The show pulls you in right away with a sense that something mysterious and shocking is waiting for us at the end of the season, whether it is episode 9 or the rumoured episode 10.

If you haven’t heard of the show, or yet watched any of the episodes on Disney+. It centers on Wanda and Vision living in a city called WestView, in a sort of televised replica of pop culture shows from the 50s through today, experiencing what looks to be a riddle revealed piecemeal each episode. The show has paid homage to shows like “Dick Van Dyke Show”, “Growing Pains”, “Modern Family” and many others as they go through the decades. It also gives a big nod to “The Twilight Zone”, with its strange moments where characters break out of character! The story happens after the events of Avengers: Endgame, which is in huge part where the secrecy lies. Why is vision alive and why are we seeing this story through different decades?

The exploration of Wanda and Vision as the principal characters versus their supporting roles in the recent movies is a pleasure to watch. Notably as they act their way through the first 40 years of television pop culture. Although it sometimes feels like Vision is playing a supporting role to Wanda’s emotions through what is her world or someone else’s creation; it is fun to see Vision in real-life situations versus fighting Thanos’ Black order — where the show doesn’t waste any minute joking about his logical reasoning. A cast of supporting roles from Thor, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and a few other movies/stories (which I’ll refrain from spoiling to you) round up WandaVision, and clearly add up to the enigma. Every week we’re rewarded with small clues here and there, towards the full reveal of the season. 

Without giving out any spoilers so you can enjoy the show — and now at episode 5 — there are ongoing speculations online of many villains pulling the strings. Who or what is responsible for creating the ever-changing world of WestView and who (else) might show up from the Marvel roster. Rumours of character introductions from Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, comic Scarlet Witch characters such as Agatha Harkness and Mephisto are running wild on the blogosphere. Only time will tell who will show up to surprise us in the 90s, 2000s or later episodes.

But in the end, the show definitely created one of the most interesting mysteries ever for the MCU and seems to be the foundation of phase 4’s main villain. Like one character says in the show: “I’m invested”.

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