Review: Broken Council (System Apocalypse #10) by Tao Wong

Rating: 8/10


Book 10 of the System Apocalypse will start the final arc of the System Apocalypse series. Having drawn the ire of the Galactic Council, John will be forced to make difficult choices, and do his very best to survive the coming storm.


Overall: +8/10

When I first started the System Apocalypse series, I had expected a good LitRPG … but had no idea that I would be sucked into a engrossing and massive space opera! Just when I thought things can’t get any bigger, I get pleasantly surprised.


The book has no mercy. It just grips you by the neck from page 1 and relentlessly drags you all the way to a smashing climax. In line with previous books, the prose is taut with no purple stuff to bloat word/page count. The book moves at a brisk pace all through with lots of page turning fight sequences. The narrative is gripping as we follow John and his rag tag team through a ever escalating situation. I can easily imagine John’s mentality as new players and data are revealed and odds against him keep getting stacked higher and higher.

As to the plot, it continues to seamlessly blend John’s personal quest in uncovering the truth about the system and events about Earth happening in the Galactic Council. After the climax of last book, we see John about to head back to Irvina where he’d certainly be captured and at best, killed. We get to a seat of pant mad scramble as he and his team work to retain Earth’s status in the Council. We also get to see new antagonists arising from pursuit of John’s quest and John about to get stuck between rock and hard place. The events led to a shattering finale where John takes measures into his own hands and bets everything in a final gamble to complete his quest.

Oh, and if you think things aren’t hot enough, there might be more dragons soon!

Characters: +7/10

John is brilliantly written. A deeply flawed impulsive character who has anger and trust issues. This has been reinforced many times and his uphill fight to improve his own character is done just perfect.

What I’d like to see more are a bit more development to supporting cast:
– Mika is a interesting characters and probably deserves more (maybe even a novella about her arena arc and the fan club).
– Ali is fun as usual and if the book somehow ties in to his backstory that’d be super awesome!

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