Review: The First Run (The Sea of Stars, #1) by Eli Freysson

Genre: Science Fiction > Adventure


Gaylen’s been at it for years: Flying on the fringes of inhabited space for various crime lords, gangsters and assorted psychopaths, dodging pirates and the law alike. The only way out is getting his own ship, and the chance has finally arrived: The chance to set his own rules and choose his own jobs. There’s just one catch: First he needs to deliver a mysterious but highly-coveted cargo to a backwater planet. So he sets out with an untested crew, a tight deadline, and terrible consequences for failure looming over his head.

What could go wrong?


Overall: +6.5/10

A light and fun adventure read that reminded me of Cowboy Bebop and Firefly, but in a lighter vein. If you are looking for a delightful light read or a palate cleanser, this would be perfect.

Writing/Plot/Pace: +6.5/10

The plot follows the rag tag crew of a spaceship on a mission for their captain who plans to gain financial independence. But obviously things aren’t progressing smooth. A vindictive gang, rival mercenaries and other whatnot’s all want not just a slice but the whole pie. Add in a bounty hunter with his own objective, things heat up pretty fast. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

The writing style is crisp and moves the plot at a good pace. There aren’t any filler pages or purple prose to bloat the page count. Plot picks up right from get go and we get an adventure till the climax. The tone of the book is light and fun even in some of the slightly darker segments.

Characters: +6.5/10

Worldbuilding and characterization are brilliant. The planets, space stations and voyage is pretty realistic and we get to meet some interesting races along the journey. There’s just enough information to make them alive rather than just set pieces. The supporting cast has their own personality and feel like real people rather just a side character relegated to background.

Overall a fun read. Highly recommended.

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