Book Tour + Giveaway: Truth and Other Lies (Nine World Chronicles #1) by Lyra Wolf

Welcome to my stop on the Truth and Other Lies book tour. I am excited to be take part. I have posted information about the book below, as well a review and a giveaway! Happy Reading!

Rating: 9/10


Nothing is trickier than the truth.

All Loki the trickster god of Asgard wants is a quiet, peaceful life where he’s free to needle Balder, occasionally stir up the inter-realm porridge pot, and get Thor to dress in women’s garments (for all the best reasons).

Getting beset by sudden, painful, and terribly inconvenient visions of blood, ash, and death are definitely not on his to-do list. But, because of some small, ridiculous remnant of caring that refuses to be extinguished, Loki feels he must save Asgard…and that means warning Odin, his least favorite god (next to Thor).

But getting the gods to believe the boy who cried Fenrir is harder than it looks, and time is running out, not just for Asgard, but also for a mortal woman named Sigyn who may just hold the key to Loki’s future.

Loki is about to find out the hard way that the only thing crueler than truth are the lies behind it all.


The Truth and Other Lies is Book 1 of The Nine World Chronicles by author Lyra Wolf, and I am here to tell you that you are in for quite a ride. If you enjoy Norse-inspired fantasy, I think you will find this to be quite the entertaining read.

It is easy to categorize this book as character-driven, which is not unexpected for a story such as this. There are so many strong characters, starting with Loki (The Trickster and God of Chaos) being the main protagonist, plus a few of the other Norse Gods you probably would have heard of, such as Odin and Thor. Not being an expert in Norse Mythology myself, there are many god-like beings that are part of the story, as well, that I had never really heard of (Tyr, Frigg, Thrym, etc). One of the aspects of this story I loved the most was being introduced to these deities in an atmosphere where I could really get to know their personalities. When I think of deities, I tend to envision all-knowing, perfect beings that can do and have whatever they want without consequence. Truth and Other Lies paints a very different picture: Powerful individuals with vices and flaws just like the rest of us, just on a grander scale. And along with those flaws come consequences, also on a grander scale. The consequence in this case: the fate of the world.

I also love how the story is brimming with tension. Loki in and of himself creates plenty of interesting scenarios just day-to-day, but there is so much more here. The interplay of the gods and goddesses, thousands of years of history buried inside every conversation and interaction. Then, the prophecy of The Destroyer comes into play and every emotion gets intensified. The story has so much depth that it feels like there is always a thread to pull.

Truth and Other Lies is a great start to the The Nine World Chronicles. The ending was perfect, as well, leaving readers something to look forward to in Book 2 (which is also out this year, titled Chaos Rising: A Loki Fantasy Adventure). I loved this book, and I think my fellow fantasy fans will, too. I recommend it very much.


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Prize:Truth and Other Lies by Lyra Wolf – One (1) signed paperback – International Starts: January 24th, 2021 at 12:00am EST
Ends: January 31st, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

About the Author

Lyra Wolf is an author caught between worlds. Ours, and those of the characters that won’t stop pestering her.

A lover of travel, Lyra has lived all over, from the cornfields of the Midwest, to the rugged mountains of Switzerland. Now, she calls the swamps of Central Florida, where “The Mouse” rules as supreme overlord, her home.

When Lyra isn’t at a theme park, listening to classic rock, or otherwise procrastinating, she writes about fantastical places and the complicated people who live there.

Lyra has earned a B.A. in History and M.A. in English.






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