Review: Dryad Vol. 1 by Kurtis Wiebe and Justin Osterling

Rating: 8/10


Best-selling writer Kurtis Wiebe (Rat Queens) and newcomer artist Justin Osterling launch a new fantasy saga!

The Glass family has spent thirteen years hiding peacefully in the sleepy forest settlement of Frostbrook where Morgan and Yale planted roots and raised their twins, Griffon and Rana. But secrets never stay hidden, and the entire Glass family find themselves the target of an unearthly attack on Frostbrook.

Now on the run from Muse Corp., they must flee to the massive city of Silver’s Bay to hide in plain sight. Rana and Griffon find themselves uprooted and answering for their parents’ mistakes. But, they’ll soon find that the past has a way of finding you, no matter where you run.


This is a graphic novel that is truly about finding and discovering the past. I loved every second of this. Made me feel like I was watching a Hollywood movie! This is an example of the future with sci-fi and fantasy emerging together. I did like this wasn’t your usual typical humans stuck in a cybernetic society (What with Cyberpunk 2077 coming along on the 10th of December…hopefully it doesn’t get delayed again). It has elves, orcs, and magical creatures, yet it also has that grand epic feel of fantasy civilizations. That said, some of my criticism being was that sometimes the dialogue boxes were stretched a little bit, making it a little bit harder for me to read as normal.

There’s an interesting premise when the Glass Family is sort off, ‘summoned’ by Valenica, who once used to work with them. A backstory is developed leading us onto a new mystery that is to be solved around here. The Glass Family moved to the woods to protect their children from a world that you will begin to see has become corrupted beyond belief. It would be, when Cybernetics take over and then humanity’s fate will change. It has a very apocalypse style feel to it. There is a whole ensemble of interesting characters. That said, I did feel some characters were a bit over-used, and others needed a bit more scenes by themselves. This could have easily been around a hundred pages more because it made me want to read more about them.

Griffon and Rana are very delightful characters, and their willingness and adapability to situations in this novel is pure treat. That said, I did feel they were falling into a stereotypical character arc, and for the sequel, I would like the environment and the truth that they discover to forge their personality and discover what their parents are exactly protecting them from. This felt like a start to a new movie/tv series and each character is well written. Though I have still not understood who Coby is. He’s a mystery.

Overall, loved it, and it was a delight to read such a great book! I can’t wait to read book 2! Oh and Glass’s wife? She’s pretty and badass!

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