5 Historical Fiction Books I Want To Read

My comfort zone in reading has always been Fantasy and Science Fiction. I have stuck with those two genres pretty much at all times throughout my reading life. However, I want to try and branch out and read some other genres. Historical Fiction has been a genre that I’ve been very interested in, especially within the last year or so. I think it can be a good genre to branch out into because it tends to have the swords/bows and arrows warfare that we in the fantasy community love. In order of excitment, here is my list.

1) Lords of the North (The Saxon Stories #3) by Bernard Cornwell

This is the first historical fiction series that I’ve ever read. After watching and loving The Last Kingdom tv show, the BBC and Netflix adapatation of this series, I just had to read the books! The first two books got a solid 4 star rating from me and I plan to continue on with the next book in the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg soon.

2) The Winter King (The Warlord Chronicles #1) by Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell is considered one of, if not the best Historical Fiction writer for a reason. In this one, Cornwell presents his take on the Arthurian Legend. I have never read one of the Arthurian tales, only watched movies, but I am pretty excited to see how much I enjoy this story in book form. Not to mention that Cornwell seems to keep pretty true to major historical events in his Saxon Stories series so it will be interesting to see what is true and what is fiction in this story.

3) Lancelot (The Arthurian Tales #1) by Giles Kristian

Another Arthurian tale, but this one is from the perspective of Lancelot which I think is fascinating! I have heard many good things from friends in the book community about this one and its sequel, Camelot. I look forward to starting this one!

4) The Druid (Warrior Druid of Britain #1) by Steven A McKay

I just discovered this series a few days ago and it immediately caught my attention. A post-Roman Britain historical fiction that centers around the events that shaped Britain during that time period, this one looks amazing!

5) Nottingham (Nottingham #1) by Nathan Makaryk

I think this summary says it all.

Both a gripping historical epic and fascinating deconstruction of the Robin Hood legend, Nathan Makaryk’s Nottingham mixes history and myth into a complex study of power–one that twists and turns far beyond the traditional tale of Sherwood Forest’s iconic thief

This series sounds incredible, fascinating, and is definitely one to watch out for!

Is there any historical fiction standalones or series that you would recommend? Let me know if you are excited about any of these books!

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  1. Cornwells book look and sound incredible, I’ve not read anything him but have often picked them up as the covers are great! Nice choices there, what are you going to read next?

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    1. David S says:

      They are! I’m thinking im gonna pick up Lords of the North next since I’m already invested in that series. The first two books were quite good so I wanna see how close the tv show follows the next book

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  2. Aah cool! the books/tv thing can be a good or really bad thing! After hearing about Pratchetts The Watch being sooo different from the books I’m wary. And they didn’t even credit Terry for any of it. His daughter is livid. Sorry had to tell someone 😂

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    1. David S says:

      Lol i heard about that controversy as well. Thankfully so far this story is adapted really well!

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  3. alburke47 says:

    Me too. Have a bunch of them sitting on my shelf.

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    1. David S says:

      I have 3 out of the 5 on my shelf. Need to get the rest!

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      1. David S says:

        Actually. I have 4 lol. Just need to get Nottingham


  4. James says:

    Very cool list. I’m reading The Saxon Stories series and have just finished the 9th one. They are extremely addictive and Uhtred is such a good narrator. Giles Kristian’s Lancelot series is really good too, and I’ve got the Robin Hood one on top of my bookcase begging to be read. Look forward to your reviews for these.

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    1. David S says:

      Thanks dude! The first two Saxons stories were pretty darn good so im def excited to read the rest. Im surprised at how well the show stuck to the books so far. Except that the first book has a LOT more of Uhtred growing up with the Norsemen

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      1. James says:

        I noticed that too with reference to Uhtred’s early days. They drift further away from the books the further in the show you get. By season four the characters have aged about 30 years in the books but only look about 4 years older on the show lol. They are both really good but I’m preferring the books.


  5. Mada says:

    David, HF is a must read for fans of fantasy. I think its one of the MOST under-rated places for books. Most HF is just romantic historical fiction (bleh. I cannot take a romantic cover, lol.) and then there’s Outlander. If you actually look further, you’ll find HF of the Roman Empire (and believe me there’s plenty) lots of Norse HF (plenty of that)

    I could end up reccomending way more than that’s needed. But to start, check with the Authors without borders hashtag, that has a great list of historical ficiton authors:

    All three guys are excellent authors here

    Bernard Cornwell’s a great author that’s no doubt.

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    1. David S says:

      Thanks dude! Yeah I’m definitely to get more into it. I’ll probably stick with these for now and then if I continue to like this genre ill add more to the TBR


      1. Mada says:

        Not a problem! Hope you have a great time with HF!


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