Review: Perish (Book 2 of the Jack Harper Trilogy) by L.C. Barlow

Rating: 8/10


Jack Harper is a dangerous woman, capable of death and resurrection. Raised and utilized by Cyrus, the leader of a mystical religion, she was once a fearless and brilliant weapon against all who blasphemed. Now, having destroyed Cyrus, Jack is free to be more.

While starting anew, Jack begins receiving letters from children trapped in Infinitum who beg for rescue, and she soon discovers that Cyrus’s cult is alive and thriving, with tendrils branching across the world. One of these tendrils leads Jack to Patrick, a man who speaks of a contraption that “bleaches anything white.” Yet another tendril stretches beyond death, where the Builder and Jack’s brother, Alex, reside. Jack must now seek to permanently destroy the following she once escaped by fixing her sights on a higher target―the infamous demonic Builder, who once supplied Cyrus with overwhelming power.

Potential aid arrives from an unusual source when Jack encounters Jonathon Roth and his kill-for-hire outfit. Combined, they hope to become an unstoppable force, but only the future will tell. Jack may be falling into her old acolyte ways, and Roth may have found in Jack the very thing that made Cyrus so powerful―his own magical being.


Finally getting back on your feet when life smacks you right in the chops. Unlucky, Jack Harper.

Perish starts off seamlessly where Pivot finishes, with the house of Cyrus burning to the ground as our protagonist, Jack Harper, watches on basking in her recent victory over Cyrus and the Infinitum. Even though I read both books pretty much back to back I very much liked this as it will serve readers as a bit of a memory jog of book 1. When reading the books back to back, which I often do with trilogies/sagas etc, the transition was so smooth that I almost forgot that I was reading the second book. Definitely, a thumbs up to Barlow for that.

Now, Perish was a very interesting read and I was intrigued to see where we would be taken with Jack and how the story would unfold. I don’t want to give away any spoilers obviously but I will say that the battle between good and evil within, and around, Jack continues while she attempts to adjust to life outside of Infinitum. Things quickly take a turn for the worst when Jack finds out that ………. haha. Jokes, I won’t be ruining this one. You’ll have to get a copy of Perish and find out for yourselves exactly what happens.

One thing that was a downer for me a little was that I sort of hit a lull around the halfway point where I felt the story need to pick up the pace and boy I was not let down. I was well rewarded for continuing when things quickly ramp up and we get to see Jack once again kick ass and taking no crap from anyone. We get to see Jack flourish as our protagonist with her newfound abilities. If you have read Pivot you’ll know what I mean.

The author adds in a handful of new and interesting characters that add to the story nicely however not so nicely for Jack. We get a friend turn enemy situation here and it was so well put together that I really felt what Jack was going through and wanted to dive on in and help out. Not that Jack would need my help and not that I would be of any help, lol. If you think Jack had it hard in Pivot then just you wait, she really gets a rough time of it in Perish.

If you enjoyed Pivot then you will definitely enjoy Perish. We get the same level of gritty darkness as with Pivot except we get a bigger understanding of the world around Jack. I feel that outside of the Jack Harper story arc there is enough material for L.C. Barlow to work with. I for one would love to find out more about the Ferrics (hint, hint 😉)

What are you waiting for? ….. go pick up a copy of Perish and find out the second instalment of the Jack Harper trilogy.

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