Authors on a Podcast Talking Books – Ep. 42 – Anthony Ryan

Come check out David’s chat with author Anthony Ryan. Topics include Anthony’s writing process and how it has changed over the years, writing influences then and now, thoughts on self-publishing vs traditional, and tons about his novels including the upcoming “The Black Song (Raven’s Blade #2) which hits on August 4th.

Anthony’s works:
The Lady of Crows (Raven’s Shadow #0.5)
Blood Song (Raven’s Shadow #1)
The Lord Collector (Raven’s Shadow #1.5)
Tower Lord (Raven’s Shadow #2)
Queen of Fire (Raven’s Shadow #3)
A Duel of Evils (Raven’s Shadow #3.5)
Many Are the Dead (Raven’s Shadow #3.6)
The Wolf’s Call (Raven’s Blade #1)
The Black Song (Raven’s Blade #2)
The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoria #1)
The Legion of Flame (The Draconis Memoria #2)
The Empire of Ashes (The Draconis Memoria #3)
A Pilgrimage of Swords (The Seven Swords #1)
The Kraken’s Tooth (The Seven Swords #2)
Slab City Blues

Anthony’s Socials:
Twitter: @writer_anthony
Facebook: anthonyryanauthor

Check it out here!

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  1. alburke47 says:

    Blood Song is my favourite fantasy book. Great writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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