Review: Godless Lands by Sean Crow

Rating: 7.5/10


In a plague-ravaged world, humanity struggles to recognise itself. The Blight, a vicious disease that decimated mankind, beasts, and even plant life has left its crippling mark on the world. Isolated havens, once prosperous cities, selfishly hoard what little food remains. 

Yet, hope lives on where least expected.

Wandering the Godless Lands between the havens, Ferris, an aged and Blight scarred soldier turned vagabond finds himself thrust into the role of guardian for a desperate noblewoman and her daughter. Thinking he does only a small kindness, Ferris soon finds himself on the run from Ser Arlo, the infamous Death Knight. With no other options, Ferris leads his wards to a hidden community amidst the desolation and hazards of the Godless Lands. What Ferris doesn’t know is that others stalk the death poxed land; a danger that the world is just becoming aware of. The Butcher of Riven is on the prowl, and he hunts for the Hungry God…


This is the post-apocalyptic fantasy that I didn’t know I needed.

Even though this is a short read the world building is great. Sean has managed to get across, to the reader, a world truly decimated by the Blight. You get a true feeling of the impact this has had on the world’s inhabitants be that human, fauna or flora. This is a world I would love to witness but hate to be part of if you get my meaning. 

The characters in Godless Lands are well put together and on several occasions I found myself hungry for the next appearance of the major characters. Ferris, one of the protagonists has a very interesting storyline and I hope we get another chance to learn more about him and his adventures. I also found myself getting somewhat emotionally involved with one of the antagonists as his story played out. Yes, you read that right one of the antagonists which is always great to see in a book of this length. Even though there is a good lineup of characters none of them feel rushed. They are fleshed our with enough detail that you can easily feel what they have been through and understand their actions during the story. 

Godless Lands is ideal for those that want a quick fantasy/apocalyptic read. The world is grim and the characters are well put together. If you enjoy grimdark, deep and interesting characters and an easy to follow plot then this is a must read.

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