6 Reasons You Should Read Mistborn Era 1

Have you ever read a series that just completely blew you away? That, after reading it life just feels different and you immediately wish you could read it again for the first time? A series that so completely shatters what you think is possible in fantasy and fiction in general that your expectations for reading are forever changed? I hope and believe that everyone will have a series like that in their lifetime. For me, that series is the first Mistborn trilogy and I’ll tell you why.

The Final Empire

The Magic Systems

Mistborn happens to have my favorite magic system of all time. Learning about the ins and outs of the first two types of magic, and hints at the third, is one of the main reasons I love The Final Empire so much. Don’t be daunted by the fact that there are three different types of magic. Sanderson does a fantastic job of explaining and showing the magic systems in a way that is easy to understand and so fun to picture. In my opinion, the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks has the only magic system that rivals Mistborn’s in terms of imagination and battle application. There are also limitations and rules to the magic system that when not adhered to can and will cause severe consequences to the person using them. If you love hard magic systems, you will love this one.

Vin and Kelsier by Djamilaknopf

The Crew

I don’t know about you, but I love witty banter and close, platonic relationships. Mistborn has this in abundance. From Kelsier to Breeze to Sazed, this crew has a rep with each other that just feels natural and authentic. Not only that, but through the incredibly hard times that our protagonists go through the trust and loyalty displayed between the members of the crew is at once inspiring and moving. Throughout the series people are added to the crew and it always felt natural. The crew’s love for each other and fun conversation help to lighten the bleak world of Mistborn.

The Well of Ascension

Political Intrigue Done Right

Political intrigue is not a vital part of a story for me. However, for me personally, when it is not done well it can really hurt my enjoyment. This is not the case in book 2. Although political intrigue is somewhat a part of this whole trilogy, The Well Of Ascension takes it to a whole other level. Political maneuverings, dangerous alliances, backstabbing politicans, and constant outside threats add to the very real, physical danger that is present throughout The Well of Ascension. If you love books with political intrigue, The Well of Ascension may just be your favorite out of the three.

Vin by Alex Allan

A Coming of Age story

Vin is only 16 years old when The Final Empire begins. She is distrusting, insecure, and fearful because of the things that have happened in her past. Her growth in the midst of her personal struggles is both believable and realistic. Sanderson did a fantastic job of having her work through her paranoia/mistrust and her growth throughout the series is exceptionally well done, but it is apparent nowhere more than in The Well of Ascension. Her growth with her powers is well deserved and earned throughout the series as well. There was no point where I found myself dissatisfied because Vin was just given a “power boost” for no reason. Vin is not a Mary-Sue and that is part of what makes her so compelling.

The Hero of Ages

Questions Answered, Mysteries Solved

If you get to The Hero of Ages, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t, you are bound to be invested and caught up in the mystery and secrets of this world. I know there is often a hesitancy with these types of books because it is really hard for an author to wrap up all the loose threads in a way that both makes sense to the overall story and is emotionally satisfying for the reader. Never fear! Brandon Sanderson does an exceptional job of answering all of the important questions that you have. He weaves in things from both The Final Empire and The Well of Ascension that you thought were just passing references, but end up being an integral part of the story. Let me tell you, and I think most people will agree with me on this one, you will NOT see this ending coming. It’s spectacular.

Steel Inquisitor by nik-ivanov

Koloss, and Inquisitors, and Ruin, oh my!

The monsters and villains in this series are terrifying, despicable, and just downright wrong at times. They are brutal, vicious, merciless, and cunning. It was so interesting to get to learn about each new creature/entity throughout the series. All of it comes to a head in The Hero of Ages. The action scenes are done in such a way that I never knew if my beloved characters would survive. The intrigue, tension, and suspense throughout The Hero of Ages is a testament to how great a book/series can be when the author takes the time and care to make the reader feel so invested in the world and its characters. The Hero of Ages is a methodical, expertly done build up to a thrill ride of an ending that will keep you glued to the pages until you finish.

If this sounds amazing to you and you would like to dive straight in, you can buy each book with the links below each cover or the whole trilogy here!

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      Thank you so much! I loved doing it!


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