Review: World Devoted by Emily Albert

Rating: 6.5/10


Princess Lenna is meant to be Queen. She was born for it. Being raised next to her mother on the throne, watching her rule – Lenna was meant for greatness. When her mother gets sick, and it is Lenna’s turn to step onto the throne, she will do anything to seize the power she deserves. But does she deserve it? And can she be the great ruler both she and her kingdom desire? Lenna will find the answers to these questions and more sooner than rather than later.


World Devoted is a story about power. It is presented as one princesses’ thirst for it, her need and willingness to do anything and everything she can to get as much of it as she can. Damn the consequences. In this book we watch as Princess Lenna, in her constant search to become an all-powerful ruler, as she slowly slips into madness.

World Devoted is Emily Albert’s debut novel, and it is a good book. For the most part it is well-written and descriptive. I could really envision myself in the castle, the throne room, walking in the city. In addition, the plot is intriguing, and written in such a way that it kept me guessing. I honestly did not know how it was going to end. This book has a great cast of characters, also. The book is told in third person, with Lenna being the main protagonist – and at times also being the antagonist. From the castle advisors, to Lenna’s family, to the townspeople and the witch Lenna encounters (Coira), and even Marco (Lenna’s suitor), it was a deep and complex character set. These aspects of the book made it work and kept me interesting. I was really surprised by the end, which is always a plus.

There were a few flaws that kept coming up for me. The first is that I did not find some of the characters’ actions believable, and they were sometimes inconsistent. Mostly referencing Lenna, as she would sometimes say one thing and do another. Also, characters such as Lenna’s father. I did not find his choices throughout the story to be believable. The second big flaw to me is the dialogue. I think dialogue is the absolute hardest thing to write in a book. In World Devoted when any character was speaking it felt like any other character could have been speaking. The characters’ dialogue felt interchangeable to me, and I think this book would have benefitted from each having their own distinct voice.

All in all, I enjoyed reading World Devoted. It was interesting and descriptive and very well thought-out. The writing was really good, and I am interested to see what Emily Albert writes next. I recommend this book for fans of YA Political Fantasy.

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  1. Great review! Characters that are inconsistent can definitely put a damper on the plot, unless it serves a greater purpose!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. I agree. Still a good book overall, though.

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  2. Bookstooge says:

    Do you guys have a universal rating system or is it reviewer by reviewer?
    Either way, any place I can check out how you rate books? Thanks.

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    1. All of the reviewers on the site use a x/10 system, but how our reviews fit into that system is up to each reviewer. For me 6-7 is average (good with some flaws), 7.5-8.5 is above average (very good with a few flaws, 9 is excellent (a couple minor flaws), and 10 is perfect/near-perfect (no flaws to speak of or so minor they did not matter). Anything below 6 is probably not worth reading about.

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      1. Bookstooge says:

        So you don’t review books you rate low? Or did I read that wrong?

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      2. Not exactly. I do, but I curate everything I read well enough that those are rare. I am more saying anything I post less than 6 stars is not a book I enjoyed. So, while there are different levels to that, as well, but assume anything below 6 is not getting a recommendation from me.

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      3. Bookstooge says:

        Thanks for explaining. I was afraid you were one of those people who didn’t review the books they read unless it was of a certain rating “for reasons” (insert your own). I much prefer honesty in those I follow.
        and this little conversation is exactly what I’m looking for 😀

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