Ep. 33 – Rob J. Hayes is LIVE!

Podcast episode cover art

On this episode, David chats with author Rob J. Hayes.

Discussion includes topics like working in insurance for a time (and hating every second of it), his escape to Fiji for 3 months, what it is like going through Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO for the 3rd time, and a glimpse into his new trilogy, The War Eternal, commenced by Along the Razor’s Edge. 

Rob’s works include:
Along the Razor’s Edge (The War Eternal #1)
The Lessons Never Learned (The War Eternal #2) – April 28th, 2020
From Cold Ashes Risen (The War Eternal #3) – May 26th, 2020
City of Kings
The Heresey Within (The Ties that Bind #1)
The Colour of Vengeance (The Ties that Bind #2)
The Price of Faith (The Ties that Bind #3)
It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise (It Takes a Thief… #1)
It Takes a Thief to Star a Fire (It Takes a Thief…#2)
Never Die (The Mortal Techniques)
Where Loyalties Lies (Best Laid Plans #1)
The Fifth Empire of Man (Best Laid Plans #2)

Follow Rob on social media:
Twitter: @RoboftheHayes
Instagram: robjhayes2013
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rob.hayes.14661


Check it out here!

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