Review: Raiders of the Lost Archives (Secrets of the Library of Doom) by Michael Dahl

Rating: 9.1/10


The Librarian has long worked in the shadows to guard the Library of Doom and its collection of deadly books. But now, best-selling author, Micheal Dahl, is bringing the hero’s adventure into the light with Secrets of the Library of Doom! 


I received an eARC via Netgalley

This book is the perfect addition for young children and infants. With fantastic drawings, fantastic concept design, and fantastic atmospheric setting, I loved this fantasy book. It’s light, gets straight to the point and is honestly a book that you would want to buy. The story is simple, yet effective.

And I loved the characters, each and everyone had a purpose. I loved the addition of a paper tiger. Although I wanted more elaboration, especially on who built the Libary. And who were the Lost Raiders? What were they were looking for? I would also have liked to see some ancient Egyptian influences. (not from the dead, but from the living). I would have wanted more motivation and character goals for the Lost Raiders.

I feel this story could have been longer and had more adventure. Creating books like these take a huge amount of time and effort and so I can appreciate the work that goes into this. I also loved the fantastic illustrations and honestly wished fantasy novels would have more illustrations, if in the text or not, hand drawn, but it must be in there. Sometimes I have difficulty visualising what is written in fantasy and some illustrations will really help.

Dahl has done a fantastic job, and I honestly cannot reccomend this enough.

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