Podcast Alert!

So, uh… yeah.

I decided to start a podcast.

Who would have thought I’d get to this point?

Well, a thought of mine while at work last week has come to fruition as I have recorded a preview episode of my new podcast!

I had this idea of chatting with authors (on something other than social media), so I decided to reach out to several to see who would be interested.

To say I was overwhelmed by the response is a vast understatement. I currently have seventeen (17) authors signed up to be guests on a podcast I haven’t even recorded an episode of. SEVENTEEN. WOAH.

I hope you guys will check out my preview episode. Hopefully you will like it and come back for Episode 1 featuring Michael R. Fletcher. Maybe you’ll even subscribe and check out all of the future episodes to come.

Love you all!

Preview episode of ‘Authors on a Podcast Talking Books’.
A little bit about myself, blogging, the book community, and what is to come.

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